My name's Amanda, and I started this blog in the hopes of keeping tabs on my baking/cooking/brewing/life in general. I'm a recent college graduate, and am trying to find balance as I start my journey in the restaurant world and the teaching world.

American Blondie is a result of my love for my country (insert Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue"), and the tried-and-true dessert and one of my standards: blondies.

I'm from a small town that's big on agriculture--which means lots of fresh food! I use as much local produce as possible to support our farms. 

I'm a loud and proud fan of all Philly sports!

I'd rather take any back road than a highway. 

I'll gladly make you a sandwich.

I'd rather play in the pouring rain than be stuck inside.

Beer is my drink of choice (especially anything rye!).

I like to stay active. I'd offer my fitness advice, but the butter and sugar in the blog might not appreciate it. 

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