Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lavender Pale Ale: Part II

I hope you're not totally lost from the last post. I'm a little lost myself. I don't even remember where we left off. Oh, right..needing beer to make beer. I must have taken that a little too seriously and blacked out (totally kidding). 


Moving on. So after the hops are added and the wort boils a little longer, it has to be cooled. It's done by inserting a copper coil thing attached to the garden hose. (I thought we agreed on not making things technical?) 

Taking a sample of the beer. Which isn't even alcohol yet so it's basically pointless. Oh, I was just informed that it's needed for more important numbers and things that are beyond my brain capacity right now.

The wort is then strained and transferred to the primary fermentor (...I  mean a big, plastic bucket). 

That's the lavender!

Finally, the yeast is added and the lid is secured. 

My brother holding the bag o' yeast. Note his Bonnaroo shirt...he would feel this is necessary to point out. 

Well, that's the gist of it! Not too shabby, eh? The hardest part comes next...for a few weeks it'll sit in the big, plastic bucket bubbling away. Then we'll transfer it to the carboy where it'll sit for a few more weeks. Then keg it, let it sit, then DRINK IT. FINALLY. (Dammit, beer, you're almost worse than waiting in line for the ladies' room at a sporting event.) I'll post random updates, but I hope you enjoyed a little insight into a pretty typical weekend around here! Unless I just completely freaked you out...yeah I'll just stick to the baked goods for a little while. 

PS-Here's the pizza we made with the spent grain dough, in case you were wondering. Even if you weren't wondering I'm going to show you anyway. That's right, because I can. 

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